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MaxFund is Trying to Save Watson!
Jul 20, 2023
Please help! MaxFund is working to help save Watson from being euthanized at Denver Animal Shelter this coming Sunday, July 23rd. ...
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When Happily-Ever-After Doesn't Happen
Jun 02, 2023
We have mixed emotions when MaxFund pets are returned. Of course, we are happy to see our furry friends again, but it is disappointing to have a MaxFund dog or cat come back from what we thought was their forever home....
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The Mibs Giving Tree Story
May 15, 2023
In loving memory of MaxFund alumni dog, Mibs...
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Empty the Shelters
May 01, 2023
$50 adoption fees on ALL animals 6 months and older...
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Puppy Lessons From MaxFund!
Apr 22, 2023
Everything we love about puppies at MaxFund is everything that you should love when a newly adopted puppy comes home for the first time. Puppies bring a flood of joy and puppy magic wherever they go. They are cute and cuddly and playful, and did I me...
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5 Steps to Selecting a Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Facility
Apr 21, 2023
For senior pet owners, the prospect of moving into an assisted living facility can seem daunting. These tips will show you how to deal with stress during your search, ask the right questions, and design a room that suits your pet....
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THC and Your Pet
Apr 14, 2023
Find out how THC can affect your pet...
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Paralyzed cat duo looking for forever home
Mar 29, 2023
Watch Kelly & Guapo's feature on FOX31 KDVR!...
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2023 Kitten Shower Wist List
Mar 22, 2023
We’re preparing for kitten season. Please help us save over 300 kittens - we would love to have your contributions towards our kitten cause....
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Always Together: Inspiring Story of Two Paralyzed Kitty BFFs!
Mar 17, 2023
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UPDATE! MaxFund’s Chi Poo Safety Campaign to Save Over 70 Chihuahua Poodles
Mar 01, 2023
On Friday, February 17, MaxFund was notified about a pet owner that had 40 Chihuahua Poodle mixes at risk of being taken by a local animal control agency and euthanized....
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2023 Annual Sponsorship Information
Feb 18, 2023
Maximize the value of your sponsorship by signing up before March 31, 2023....
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A 5 Step Guide to Leaving Your Pet with a Pet Sitter
Feb 13, 2023
Traveling can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but when you have a pet at home, you may be anxious about leaving them behind no matter how appealing your plans are. ...
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Tips on How to Do Your Best for Needy Pets
Feb 01, 2023
There are plenty of pets around the world that lack the basic pet essentials needed to thrive. At MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, we have many potential pets just waiting for you. To help you on your pet-loving journey, here are some additional ways ...
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Holiday Giving Trees: '22 Participating Locations
Nov 21, 2022
View our 2022 Holiday Giving Trees participating locations! Visit them to give back during the holidays....
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2023 MaxFund Calendars by Mark Stevens Photography
Nov 21, 2022
The 2023 MaxFund calendar is here!...
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Aging Pet? Follow These Essential Strategies to Give Them the Best Life
Nov 11, 2022
Advice on how to care for an aging pet. Tips for administering medication and dealing with everyday health issues, resources for paying for veterinary care, and advice on how to spoil your pup. ...
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Dexter the Great Pyrenees
Jul 01, 2022
MaxFund staff and volunteer favorite, Dexter the Great Pyrenees dog, is again needing surgery, and we’ve launched a campaign to draw awareness to his special needs, his need for a committed foster home, and his upcoming planned surgeries....
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