Clinic - Spay / Neuter

By Appointment Only


Prices depend on your pet's weight:

Neuter    $140 - $190
Spay        $180 - $220
(This price includes the surgical procedure and pain medication for 4 days)

Full exam required prior to scheduling.



Neuter    $70 
Spay        $90 
(The above price includes the surgical procedure. A pain management injection for an additional $25 is required for feline spays and neuters)

Full exam required prior to scheduling.

 $42 full exam required prior to scheduling a spay or neuter appointment. If your pet is under 3 years, the exam can be done on the same day as surgery. If your pet is over 3 years, $80 - $135 pre-surgical bloodwork is required. 

Additional services we may recommend:

$25 IV Catheter/Fluids
 $80 - $135 Bloodwork (for animals under 7 years old)
$45 Microchip
$25 Additional Pain Injection

Exam required before any surgical procedures. To schedule an exam, send proof of your pet’s up-to-date vaccinations (if we do not already have them) to Then call 303-595-0532 to schedule a date for surgery.

We offer Care Credit to those of you who have been asking about payment plans. Payment plans are now available with approved credit through Care Credit!

Please use the Care Credit link below to go through the approval process if you do not currently have a Care Credit card. 
When you come see us we will need:


  • Your Care Credit card OR your account number (if you have not yet received your card).  
  • 2 forms of ID (picture and additional)

We are hopeful that this assists you in getting the care that you need for your pet.

Please contact us with any questions and thank you for your support!