Other Ways to Help

Donate Here

Donate Your Vehicle

It’s easy to turn your unwanted car, boat, truck or RV into cash to benefit the animals cared for by MaxFund. Our trusted, 3rd party company partners will work with you to secure your vehicle, sell it, and donate the proceeds directly back to MaxFund - all at no cost to you. Vehicles of any age, running or not, can easily be donated by filling out this online form .

Please email questions to admin@maxfund.org

Amazon Smile

Amazon Shoppers! Smile and Help MaxFund!

Do you shop on Amazon? If so, you can help MaxFund’s dogs and cats by using the smile.amazon.com  link to make your Amazon purchases! Here’s all you need to do:

  • Go to www.smile.amazon.com
  • Enter and save MaxFund (it will show up as “The Maxfund, Inc.”) as your charity
  • Remember to start from the www.smile.amazon.com link each and every time you shop at Amazon!

Follow these easy steps, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to MaxFund! MaxFund receives a direct deposit from Amazon quarterly of Amazon Smile donations.

Let’s make those donations add up!


Chewy.com Donates to MaxFund!

What is it?

Become a new customer at Chewy.com to have a donation automatically made on your behalf.

How do we do it?

A $20 donation to MaxFund will be made when new customers sign up for Chewy.com through our special link, here

How much do we get?

A $20 donation to MaxFund will be made when new customers sign up.

Amazon Wish List

MaxFund has set up a wishlist with Amazon.com, so you can purchase items and they will be shipped directly to MaxFund! Items include pet bed, cleaning products, pet comfort items, pet food, and more!

To find the amazon wishlist, direct link . If you see some items on amazon.com that we should include but that aren't already on our wish list, email sheltermanager@maxfund.org.

Support Us While You Shop

What is it?

Bootstrap Brewing Company has created a Lush Puppy Juicy IPA Beer - $1 from every case and $7 is donated to MaxFund. It is carried in over 80 local Colorado markets; contact us for the full list, or ask your favorite shop to order a few cases!

We have partnered with Mixed Bag Designs by Boon Supply to create a shopable fundraiser. 40% of all sales goes directly to MaxFund! Click here to shop or search for MaxFund on mixedbagdesigns.com .

All Dogs Co. was created by a MaxFund volunteer to create a revenue stream for no-kill shelters. Upwards of 55% of all profits go directly to shelters, and the first $10,000 has been pledged to MaxFund. Shop at alldogsmkt.com.

Estate Planning

What is it?

Our Executive Director is happy to provide information on how to include MaxFund in your will. Simply call the Meow Manor administration office at: 720-726-4552 x 104, or email admin@maxfund.org.

Bring Fido

What is it?

Bring Fido helps pet owners to locate pet-friendly hotel accomodations, vacation rentals, restaurants, veterinarians, groomers and much more! Anyone who books travel through Bring Fido using the code MAXFUND2018 can raise money for us by doing so. Each time someone uses the referral code MAXFUND2018 in the gift code box at checkout and completes their stay, MaxFund will receive a $10 donation!

GoodSearch Search Engine

Earn money for MaxFund by searching the net!

What is it?

An internet search engine, using yahoo as the engine, that donates to maxfund for each search performed!

How do we do it?

All you have to do is go to www.goodsearch.com, enter "MaxFund" under the "I'm supporting" and then search the web like you normally would!

How much do we get?

MaxFund gets 1 cent from each search. May not sound like a lot, but this adds up to typically about $30-50 per month. Additional revenue is earned by purchases made through goodsearch.org.

MaxFund "Pennies for Pets" Change Jar

What is it?

There is a 5 gallon jug in the lobby at the shelter for your change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters), please give it a visit! MaxFund has always taken cash donations, thats how we got started! But we realize not everyone has the money to donate a lot, but one thing most people do have is change! It sits in a jar in your closet, it sits in your vehicles ash tray, it finds its way under couch cushions or it just sits on countertops or in drawers and you always wonder what to do with it.

How do we do it?

Bring your spare change in to the shelter and deposit it in the jug! Many people have set up change jars in their offices and encouraged their children to help save their pennies as well. It doesn't put a dent in your pocket but it helps us a lot!

How much do we get?

The last time the jar got about halfway full, there was nearly $600 worth of change in there! This makes a HUGE difference at the shelter!

Remember - a little change can change a lot, so please leave a lot of change!

Sell your own items on eBay!

What is it?

An international auction site, for listing anything you'd like (with a few exceptions) to millions of potential customers! Everything from sports memorabilia, auto equipment, pet supplies, cars, etc. If you can think of it, you can probably sell it on ebay! eBay's mission fish program allows sellers to automatically designate a percentage of the final auction price to the charity of your choice (MaxFund!)

How do we do it?

When you list items on ebay, one of the options presented is donating to charity. You can select a percentage from 10%-100% of the final auction price, and make sure you select MaxFund as your charity of choice! The buyer pays you the money as normal and then missionfish takes out the specific amount from your credit card after you authorize you have been paid for the item. Another benefit is items that benefit non-profits are given free ribbon icons next to the item which helps the item stand out even more! You must register once via MissionFish (the organization that handles the charitable donations) to ensure MaxFund gets paid for their part. For more details visit eBay Giving Works - Selling for Charities.

How much do we get?

We get whatever people list for us! This has in the past been several hundred dollars worth of funds raised by people and companies listing items for us.

Aluminum Can Recycling


What is it?

Recycling aluminum cans helps MaxFund as well as the environment! We collect cans behind the shelter. We take both aluminum soda/beer cans as well as cat food cans (you can check your dog food cans, but typically dog food cans are steel which we can't accept)

How do we do it?

Collect aluminum cans at home, at work, at school! Bring your bags of aluminum cans and drop them off near the spay/neuter RV in the back of the shelter (ask a staff person if you can't find it). The cans will be recycled and the money collected will go to a cause you know and support! If you'd like to set up recycling at your school or office, you can use a sample poster such as this one to make people aware of who the cans will go to help.

How much do we get?

The price of Aluminum Cans varies from 60 cents to 80 cents per pound. Roughly 31 cans make a pound, so figure one bag of crushed cans will net a few bucks. May not sound like a lot, but when the bin fills up it's typically 2-3 pickup truck loads full, and anywhere from $200-400 per trip! It also saves landfill space and saves energy of extracing new aluminum!

While we also encourage recycling of plastics, steel, newspapers, copy paper, etc. because these items aren't paid for, we are unable to take them at the shelter.

Shop at King Soopers in Denver

What is it?

King Soopers is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn thousands of dollars through King Soopers Community Rewards.

How do we do it?

King Soopers Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy...all you have to do is shop at King Soopers and swipe your SooperCard (or enter Alt ID)!
Create an  online account with King Soopers to enroll: www.kingsoopers.com
Once signed in, select MaxFund as your chosen charity. Every time you shop, MaxFund will receive reward dollars in the form of a check each month.