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Volunteers are critical to MaxFund’s success! Our volunteer program brings together hundreds of people each month to care for our animals and support the mission of MaxFund. Volunteering is flexible, fun, and rewarding! No matter what your background or interests, there’s a place for you in the MaxFund family. 

MaxFund, Denver’s only true No-Kill shelter, believes all healthy and treatable pets deserve the right to live. As representatives of MaxFund in the community, we expect our volunteers to be committed to our mission of taking in sick and injured animals, making them better, and helping to find them their forever homes within our adoption guidelines. All of our volunteers must be fully devoted to this mission and represent MaxFund in a professional and positive manner.  

General Volunteering

General volunteers are expected to commit a minimum of 4 hours per month for a minimum of 6 consecutive months. Volunteers must be 9 years or older to volunteer at the cat shelter and 14 years or older to volunteer at the dog shelter. Volunteers aged 9-15 must be always accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must also go through the full volunteer application and orientation process. There is a $25 fee to cover administrative costs, background checks, and badges. We do not accept volunteers who have animal cruelty or abuse charges in their histories.

Our training program involves one 2.5 hour session, a hands-on with a mentor at the dog or cat shelter depending on your area of interest.  We keep our class sizes small in order to make the experience a positive one for our new volunteers. You will be provided with training materials prior to your hands-on experience. To make your hands-on experience more meaningful, please take the time to read the materials prior to your scheduled orientation.

To Apply
We are currently accepting applications for volunteer opportunities at our dog and cat shelters. Once we have received your application and completed the background and reference check, we will contact you with available class times. We have a great deal of interest in volunteering at our shelters, so please be patient if you are not immediately scheduled for a volunteer orientation session. The time from application to attending an orientation class could take more than a month. If you are volunteering for School or Court-Ordered Community Service volunteers, please see below.

To begin your application process, click HERE and create an account under "I am new to MyImpactPage.com". 

For questions or concerns email Arianne Lovelace at volunteer@maxfund.org


Community Service

Community Service Volunteers assist with the smooth running of our shelters and help with everything from shoveling snow, to cleaning kennels, to doing dishes. This is the best option for anyone who cannot make the 6-month commitment, such as school volunteers, court-ordered community service, and other short-term placements. Because community service volunteers receive an abbreviated orientation, Community Service Volunteers do not directly handle our animals (ie: walk dogs). After orientation, Community Service shifts are available seven days a week, 9 pm - 6 pm at the dog shelter, with occasional work at the cat shelters. Requirements There is a $5 fee to cover the cost of a background check. We do not accept volunteers who have animal cruelty or abuse charges in their histories. Process A short, 30-minute orientation is required before volunteers may sign up for shifts. Orientations are held in person at the dog shelter and count toward your total number of hours. To Apply Please fill out the Community Service Volunteer Application here and pay the $5 application fee. Once your application and fee are received, we will process your background check. If you're accepted, we will confirm via email and follow up with scheduling details. Please allow about 1 week for this process.


Group Volunteering

Make MaxFund the site of your next group volunteer session! Advance notice is required. In order to cover administrative costs and staff time, MaxFund asks for a suggested donation or in-kind donations from our Wishlist. To apply please click here.