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Estate Planning

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A non-profit organization, No Kill shelter established May, 1988.

We take in and nurture injured animals with no known owner.

We find loving forever homes for these animals once they have recovered.

Estate gifts

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center has worked on educating the community on the importance of animal health and safety for over 30 years. Located in the heart of Denver, MaxFund is a No Kill shelter that has stayed true to its mission of saving the lives of injured dogs and cats with no known owners and finding them forever homes once they are adoptable.

By making a gift to MaxFund through your will, trust or other financial plan, you will help ensure that we will be here in the future, continuing to save the lives of countless homeless pets and giving back to our community. We will always be committed to animal welfare and work tirelessly toward our dream of a world where every pet has a home.

Please know as well that if you need a loving caretaker for any of your pets that may outlive you, MaxFund will welcome them with open arms as their guardian. We understand more than most that pets are family and we want to give you peace of mind during your estate planning.
Email Executive Director Kathy Gaines at for more information, or call 720-726-4552 x104.

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Each year, pet dogs and cats are taken to shelters by family members of owners of all ages who have either gone into nursing homes or have died leaving no provisions for their beloved companions. In addition to making countless decisions regarding their loved one's estate, these families also have to decide what to do with their loved one's dog or cat. Too often these animals end up in overcrowded, underfunded shelters where they face an unknown fate.

To avoid this situation, MaxFund offers its "Peace of Mind" Estate Planning Program. By enrolling your pet(s) in this plan, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet will be well cared for. Your enrollment will also spare your loved ones from the process of re-homing your pet, which can be painful and overwhelming. Visit our information page on the Peace of Mind Pet Guardianship program here.