Mobile Adoption Events

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When MaxFund agrees to schedule a mobile adoption event at your place of business, we bring adoptable animals to you!

Please note that MaxFund receives many requests for mobile adoptions, and we will make every effort to schedule one with your company. Please keep in mind the following:

  • A minimum donation amount of $500 is required. If the amount raised during the event does not meet the $500 minimum donation amount, the business still agrees to donate the difference, for a total contribution of $500.
  • You must complete and submit a mobile adoption request form. 30 day’s advance notice is preferred for proper review and planning for your event. No event is confirmed until you have been notified in writing that it has been added to our calendar.
  • You are encouraged to notify us with the number of animals you would like present at your event. Please consider that this number may fluctuate based on adoptions that occur before your event date.