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Your dog is a lifetime companion. Building a positive relationship will reap lasting benefits in the future.

Trusting your best friend to an inexperienced, fly-by-night dog trainer can cause more harm than help.

Successful dog training requires the full participation of the dog, their human family, and the trainer working together and building a trusting relationship.

Our Training Philosophy

Relationship-based training combines several different training methods but focuses on a more individualized approach for both dogs and humans. It is the relationship between dog and human that drives everything.

This method strives to meet the needs of the dog and the trainer, foster communication, and strengthen their bond. It’s about being mutually beneficial. Just like we do with our children, our fur babies are just the same.

The person must know how to read their dog’s body language, what rewards most motivate their dog, and how to meet their dog’s basic needs before each training session begins. Positive reinforcement encourages good behaviors.

The dog’s environment is controlled to limit possible unwanted behaviors. New information is built on previous success, and more and more freedom is given.

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