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Adventures with Max! Visit to Denver Pride Celebration.

This week on Adventures with Max - Max goes to Denver PRIDE!

Yesterday, during our regular weekend outing to Civic Center Park, we found there was a Gay Pride Festival taking place, with lots of wonderful people, colors, music, and of course Max's favorite - food!  After passing security we stopped at the tattoo concession, and what do you think - did he or didn't he? First one to find a Max tattoo wins a prize! 

Then we headed off to see the thousands of people celebrating the terrific event, taking in all the great costumes, colors, music, and friendliness from the attendees. We didn't see our regular friends Al, Sandy, and Debby, although we made a half-dozen new friends - who petted and massaged Max to his great delight. Max found scavenging to be quite productive at the event, and we considered stepping up to the Jumbo Bratwurst concession for an easy meal - however after considering the large number of people around the concession and the element of tasty food being passed around, we decided to stick with foraging and eating the treats in my bag.

Max and I walked among hundreds, if not thousands of people wandering around the park and Max never showed aggression to anyone or any critter (although he did display a keen interest in squirrels). Max seemed to enjoy the music and did not appear agitated by the general noise associated with the event. We did some promoting for Max and MaxFund, and it occurred to us that perhaps we should carry business type information cards printed up for Max and other dogs, to hand out to potential adopters - hmmmm....

Once back at MaxFund Max was delighted to see that his kennel had a Bronco motif - as of course Max is a huge Bronco fan. Thanks to some of his favorite people, Sandy and Sergio!!

Come Paw-ty on the Patio at The Melting Pot!

A Paw-ty on the Patio at the Melting Pot
A Fondue Raiser to Benefit MaxFund Animal Shelter

Thursday, August 1st, at 6:00pm
The Melting Pot
2707 W Main Street
Littleton, CO 80120

$90 per person - $175 per couple

Tables for 4 or 6 Available
Space limited - Call Event Coordinator Kimberly Anderson at 720-266-6081 or email to secure your reservation(s) today!

First Course - Choice of Cheese Fondue

Cheddar Cheese Fondue
(Aged medium-sharp cheddar and Emmenthaler Swiss cheeses melt beautifully with lager beer, garlic and seasonings)

Fiesta Cheese Fondue
(Cheddar cheese blend with lager beer, jalapeno peppers and salsa. Made as spicy as you like).

Second Course - Choice of Salad

California Salad
(Mixed baby salad greens, Roma tomatoes, candied pecans, and Gorgonzola cheese; topped with Rasberry Black Walnut Vinaigrette).

The Melting Pot House Salad
(Crisp romaine and iceburg lettuce, cheddar cheese, fresh toatoes, crispy croutons, and sliced egg with your choice of Peppercorn Ranch Dressing on our sweet  and tangy House Dressing)'

Third Course

Filet Mingon, Succulent Shrimp, Teriyaki-marinated Sirloin, Boneless Breast of Chicken, Pork Tenderloin, Racioli, and Seasonal Vegetables. 
(Accompanied by signature sauces and Court Bullion cooking style).

Fourth Course - Choice of Chocolate Fondue

Flaming Turtle
(Considered fondue candy. It's an irresistible combination of milk chocolate caramel and candied pecans flambeed tableside).

Pure Chocolate
(For the chocolate purist, we offer milk, dark, or white chocolate melted to decadent perfection).

Call Event Coordinator Kimberly Anderson at 720-266-6081 or email to secure your reservation(s) today!


Adventures with Max - Civic Center Park 6/8/19

Our previous weekend adventure to Civic Center Park revealed a new delight for Max - the main fountain was open and Max had a blast frolicking in the water! Max also met up with two friends Sandy and Al, and met a new friend, who was not discouraged by the standard warning that Max can be unpredictable, and who walked right up and patted Max on the head and then gave him a full back massage. 

Today's adventure at Civic Center Park started out on a downer note when we discovered that the fountain had been cordoned off with metal fencing. Max could not believe it and was not satisfied that he couldn't play in the fountain until we had walked all around the fountain. Perhaps the city had reviewed the videos and determined that Max just had too much fun last weekend. Bummer anyway!!! 

Things then started to look up for Max, as we ran into Sandy and then Al, two of his favorite friends at the park. Both Sandy and Al had seen Max in the park and came over to say hi and give him some love - which he returned. Then Max revealed a side of himself previously unknown to me - that of a political/social activist - when he chose to participate in a rally for justice, freedom, and peace in Sudan.

And then on our way out of the park Max met three new friends, Danielle, Bill, and Randal. Danielle immediately fell in love with Max, and apparently Max was smitten by her too! After describing what Maxfund does, where it is located, and what kinds of dogs live there we said goodbye and headed for home. Please see videos and photos. 

It was another wonderful outing with no aggression towards person or animal (except squirrels). As always, when away from the shelter he is a very good and friendly dog. 

Senior Pet Care Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend Happy in Old Age

Senior Pet Care Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend Happy in Old Age

Watching a beloved pet grow old is never easy. Fortunately, pet owners have a lot of control over the health and happiness of their aging animals. Senior dogs and cats have different needs than their younger counterparts, so it’s important to learn how to care for them properly. Here are a few important steps you can take to keep your older pet healthy and comfortable.


Consider Supplementing with CBD Oil

Budding research is revealing several health benefits of CBD—a compound derived from hemp—for humans and pets alike. According to the American Kennel Club, CBD oil has been found effective in treating pain, seizures, and inflammation in dogs. Additionally, CBD can benefit the heart and digestive system of pets, and even reduce pet anxiety! If you’re interested in trying CBD oil on your senior pet, check out this CBD oil buyer’s guide for a detailed breakdown of the top 10 CBD oils of the year. Just make sure to check with your vet before giving it to your dog.


Visit the Vet Often

Try to take your senior pet to the vet at least twice per year. When vets are able to catch health problems early, they’re much easier—and cheaper—to treat. At each visit, your vet will conduct diagnostic tests and physical exams to assess the health of your pet’s various body systems. If you ever notice a sudden change in your pet’s behavior, a quick visit to the vet won’t hurt. For example, sudden aggressive behavior may be a sign of pain, or vision or hearing loss. Similarly, sudden bladder incontinence may indicate an underlying medical condition.


Pay Attention to Nutritional Needs

Older pets have unique nutritional needs. As dogs get older and less active, they may face problems with weight gain. On the other hand, some older animals may have trouble digesting their usual food, which may result in weight loss and malnutrition. Instead of buying special food marketed to senior pets, get familiar with pet food labels, and choose food with high-quality ingredients. Older dogs, for example, typically need plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber in their diet.


Make Sure They’re Still Exercising

A healthy diet always goes hand in hand with exercise. Exercise is crucial for maintaining muscle mass and keeping your senior pet happy. Blue Buffalo recommends creating an exercise routine that stays within your pet’s physical limitations. Health problems such as osteoarthritis can make it difficult for dogs to run or even walk quickly, so go slowly on your walks and let your dog set the pace. If you have a senior cat, keep them active by scheduling in play time every day.


Keep Your Pet’s Mind Stimulated

Mental stimulation is vital for preventing cognitive decline as pets get older. Fortunately, taking your dog out on a walk or playing with your cat are both excellent forms of cognitive stimulation. For an added mental health boost, take your pet somewhere new, and let them explore the sights and smells around them. Or, you can try some of these mental activities to keep your pet’s mental health alert and active.


Make Accommodating Lifestyle Changes

If your pet has stiffness or pain, a few simple lifestyle modifications may help them live a little more comfortably. For example, an orthopedic dog bed can relieve pressure points, while raised food and water bowls will take the strain off your pet's neck. Since older dogs tend to get cold more easily, ensure their bed is in a warm location and provide blankets for extra coziness.


Above all, older pets need your love and attention. Just because your dog may not be able to run or jump like they used to doesn’t mean they don’t want to play with you. Acknowledge your pet’s limitations, provide a little extra care, and relish every moment you have together.


Adventures with Max - Catching up with Max

By Julie Malone - June 17, 2019

This installment of adventures takes place over several weeks, starting with our visit to the Cinco de Mayo festivities at Civic Center Park. Although our normal friends were not there, Max met at least a half dozen women and a half dozen men. They were people who asked to pet Max, and after being warned that Max can be unpredictable and sometimes aggressive, they persisted in wanting to pet him. There were, as usual no aggressive incidents. On the walk home we turned a corner and ran into a woman coming out of a coffee shop, with a coffee in one hand she instinctively reached out to pet Max on the head. No issues - Max was glad to be petted. 

Also, several weeks ago we had a visit with specific friends Al and Debby in Civic Center Park. Every weekend we go to the park to meet up with these and other friends, and to get Max used to being around people, pets, and vehicles of every nature. Max met these friends several months ago and although these friends were warned that Max can be unpredictable and sometimes aggressive, Max is always glad to see them and let them pet him and in Al's case, encourage Max to lick his face. Outside the shelter environment, Max is seldom aggressive to people or dogs - there has only been one occasion where Max was at all aggressive and that was when a lady friend gave him a rawhide bone and later tried to take it way when Max was showing little interest in it. It was not sufficient enough for the lady to stop petting and befriending Max.

This past weekend we met, a man named Doug, who I thought might be the perfect pack-leader for Max. He was a forty-ish, cowboy looking man who worked outside and drove a nice big white pickup truck. The man immediately recognized Max as a good dog and in-spite of the normal unpredictable/sometimes aggressive warning he vigorously commenced to petting and caressing Max. Max was in heaven!  Doug and I agreed that Max would look great sitting in the passenger seat of his truck, and Doug was very interested in Max and his situation. Doug had lost the love of his life (woof) several years ago and had not felt like he was able to get another one. Doug lives in Westminster and has lots of wild critters in his neighborhood and around his house. He also has four cats ... :(  

That's it for this installment.

Max's Friend, Pat