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Star - MaxFund's "Employee" of the Week!

One of our volunteers has an amazing job where her company allows her to take a MaxFund dog along to work with her. These are not just a break from the shelter for the pups, but an opportunity for us to get to know them better outside of the shelter environment. 

I took Star to work with me today! 

She was TERRIFIED of the car. Laid down in the road and refused to get in. I had to pick her up and put her in the car. So, Star is ok with being picked up, but we will need to practice showing her that car rides can be fun. Once she was in, she was a pretty mellow passenger!

When we got here, I walked her around the office like I do with all the dogs so she could get to know her new surroundings a little bit. She seemed a little intimidated/overwhelmed - I think this is the first time shes been out of the shelter since she joined us.

She didn't want to be confined to my office at first, so she paced around a bit, but once she felt comfortable, she took up a post by the door so she could keep an eye on everyone else in the office. I was worried at first she was going to be my first Tuesday fail and I'd have to bring her back because she was too high energy and distracting, but once she settled down, she did really great!

She does really, really great with verbal commands. She knows her name, she knows come here, and she was really responsive to both! She knew what I wanted her to do most of the time. This included staying put in my office when I left - she didn't try to sneak out! 

She is a pro at the elbow nuzzle to get her head under your arm so you will pet her. It was impossible to resist! I got a pic of her smile as she does it, too.

The office dog wasn't sure what he thought about her and kept barking, but she was absolutely infatuted with him (see them staring at each other across my door). We introduced them in the afternoon and she did great, even understanding that he just wasn't that interested in her.

She liked keeping an eye on things through the door more than lying next to me, so I set up the bed and blanket as some extra padding for her hips by the door. She liked watching everyone walk by!

Star was her super snuggly self all day long with me, and I absolutely adored having her as my partner for the day. I think she would make a great office dog - which is not what I thought I would walk away from today saying! She's quiet, well behaved, and calm. She wants snuggles, and to keep her eye on things. She is absolutely devoted to her "person" - and today, I was lucky enough to be that for her.

Star truly is a star...seriously. She is cuddly and sweet, smart, happy, goofy, and gosh, I just love her. I was already a big fan but if possible, I love her even more now!


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7 Ways To Make Traveling With A Large Dog Easier

While traveling with a dog can be tricky, it is perfectly feasible as long as you plan correctly and keep your pet’s well-being a priority. Just keep these seven tips in mind when bringing your beloved pooch along for your next adventure. After all, our furry friends deserve a vacation too!

Do Your Research on Air Travel

Unless they are service dogs, large dogs cannot fly with you in the cabin. They can, however, be flown as cargo. Everyone has heard a horror story of pets flown in cargo, but it is important to note that only one out of 10,000trips leads to an incident. Generally speaking, it is perfectly safe, but that doesn’t mean it is not stressful (for both you and the dog). Do extensive research on the specific airline you are thinking of using and their approach to pets in cargo. It is probably easier to avoid flying altogether wherever a less stressful alternative exists.

Train Them to Enjoy Car Rides

Many dogs don’t enjoy car rides and need to be acclimatized before embarking on a long trip. This can be done through progressive exposureto the car: start by just getting them to sit in their spot, then move on to sitting with the engine on, and then short journeys. Use treats and encouragement at every step to let them know they are going a good job and that the car is an exciting place.

Be Prepared for the Road

Long road trips can be tiring for everyone involved, so be prepared to keep your dog happy, healthy, and distracted. First, you’ll need to ensure your dog will be secure during the trip. Puppies and small dogs do well with car or booster seats, which both give them some room to move around while keeping them safely buckled in. Large dogs that are veteran road warriors may like a seatbelt that buckles right into the seat, but if they haven’t gotten used to car rides yet, consider crating them and securing their kennel snugly between rows of seats. Additionally, your dog road trip kit should include comfortable bedding, a ball or Frisbee for playing with at rest stops, a favorite toy, dog food and treats, dog waste bags, and plenty of water (at least a gallon). 

Use Supplements to Help Them Relax

CBD oil has shown promising results in helping animals with phobias and anxiety, and it could be useful if your dog tends to get stressed in new surroundings. Check out online buyers’ guides to learn more about your options for CBD brands and treatments, and then talk to your vet if you think it might be a good fit for your pooch.

Choose Dog-Friendly Destinations

A dog-friendly destination is anywhere that has plenty of great open spaces for walks. Nature-based destinations are always a good idea, but cities with great parks or beaches are also great fun for your dog. If you need some inspiration, Go Pet Friendlyhas pet-centered guides available for over 300 destinations across the USA and Canada. 

Consider a Home Rental

There are plenty of dog-friendly hotels, but they tend to favor small dogs over large ones. No matter your pup’s size, you are likely to have better luck with home rentals, especially those with large outdoor spaces. Bring Fidois a great resource for finding your perfect vacation spot.

Use a Dog-Sitting Service

Even the most dog-friendly destinations include non-dog-friendly activities. If you want to go to, say, a museum or a concert, use an online service to find a reliable pet sitter in your destination. PSI has sitters across the US and is even operational in many major European cities. 

As pet parents, we love our dogs, and we hate leaving them behind when we travel. Whether your dog is old or young, you can always bring them along on adventures with you. You just need to think ahead, use the right resources, and make their happiness and comfort a pri

2019 Puttin' on the Max - Charleston Cats - Tickets Available!

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Adventures with Max! Visit to Denver Pride Celebration.

This week on Adventures with Max - Max goes to Denver PRIDE!

Yesterday, during our regular weekend outing to Civic Center Park, we found there was a Gay Pride Festival taking place, with lots of wonderful people, colors, music, and of course Max's favorite - food!  After passing security we stopped at the tattoo concession, and what do you think - did he or didn't he? First one to find a Max tattoo wins a prize! 

Then we headed off to see the thousands of people celebrating the terrific event, taking in all the great costumes, colors, music, and friendliness from the attendees. We didn't see our regular friends Al, Sandy, and Debby, although we made a half-dozen new friends - who petted and massaged Max to his great delight. Max found scavenging to be quite productive at the event, and we considered stepping up to the Jumbo Bratwurst concession for an easy meal - however after considering the large number of people around the concession and the element of tasty food being passed around, we decided to stick with foraging and eating the treats in my bag.

Max and I walked among hundreds, if not thousands of people wandering around the park and Max never showed aggression to anyone or any critter (although he did display a keen interest in squirrels). Max seemed to enjoy the music and did not appear agitated by the general noise associated with the event. We did some promoting for Max and MaxFund, and it occurred to us that perhaps we should carry business type information cards printed up for Max and other dogs, to hand out to potential adopters - hmmmm....

Once back at MaxFund Max was delighted to see that his kennel had a Bronco motif - as of course Max is a huge Bronco fan. Thanks to some of his favorite people, Sandy and Sergio!!