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Oppose HB 21-1160

MaxFund Animal Shelter and over 80 other organizations are opposing House Bill 21-1160.

We will be opposing this bill in the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee April 22, 2021 at 1:30pm. You can submit written testimony for this hearing NOW. Learn how and where to submit written testimony here. Watch this space for updates on how you can help us fight this bill.

Over 70 organizations are joining MaxFund in their efforts to keep this bill from passing. 

View Organizations Opposing HB 21-1160

In this bill: It is NOT clear how the definition of “Healthy” animals would be standardized or defined: 

  • Is a blind dog or cat with a treatable medical condition “healthy” enough to be saved? THIS BILL IS UNCLEAR AND DOES NOT ANSWER THESE TYPES OF QUESTIONS.

  • In this bill: There is NOT a clear definition of what constitutes a “safe” animal: 

  • Would a cat scratch that breaks the skin mean that the cat cannot be saved? Are animals with the potential to be safe allowed to receive treatment? THIS BILL IS UNCLEAR AND DOES NOT ANSWER THESE TYPES OF QUESTIONS.

In this bill: There is NO indication of who will have the authority to give direction on these vague definitions.

  • Additional problems with this bill:

  • Section 2 of this bill contradicts itself, making it impossible to understand the true intent of the bill, or its full potential impact on Colorado shelters.

  • Puts PACFA licensed shelters, rescues and their staff in potential jeopardy of revocation or legal ramifications if unclear new rules are not followed.

  • Notes attached to this bill indicate the State anticipates additional revenue from fines for violations of this legislation, putting underfunded and/or rural shelters at increased risk of added financial strain and/or closure.

  • Stakeholders such as MaxFund Animal Adoption Center and over 50 other PACFA organizations opposing this bill were NOT consulted in the process of introducing this bill.

  • The short title of Section 2 of this bill is “Colorado Socially Conscious Sheltering Act”. Organizations who support this bill have publicly indicated their goal through legislation is to make Colorado a “Socially Conscious Sheltering state”, signifying a potential threat to the No Kill movement and other sheltering models in Colorado. 

Download this FACT SHEET here.

Read the bill here.


Email and call senators on the Senate Committee, asking them to OPPOSE HB 21-1160:

Senator Kerry Donovan (303-866-4871) 
Senator Jessie Danielson (303-866-4856) 
Senator Rhonda Fields (303-866-4879)
Senator Jerry Sonnenberg (303-866-6360)
Senator Don Coram  (303-866-4884)

Email Subject:  Oppose HB21-1160
In the body of the email:
Dear Senator,
[Insert personal note asking them to vote NO on HB21-1160]

Contact us at for more information on how to help defeat HB 21-1160. 


Join the Fun at the 2020 Puttin' on the Max Auction!

Looking for a way to help the community and have fun doing it? Do you enjoy shopping for a cause? Look no further!

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center is holding an online auction in lieu of our annual Puttin’ On the Max fundraiser gala. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are unable to hold a gala, but we refuse to let that stop us! While things are looking a little different in our world this year, our commitment to animals has never wavered.

Our auction will run from October 25th through October 31st, and feature a wide assortment of bid-worthy items! These packages include but are not limited to:

- Trips to Santa Fe, Cozumel, or Estes Park
- Services such as spa visits, hotel stays, restaurant certificates, and local experiences
- Fine jewelry
- Artwork in various styles
- Gifts for you and your pets
- And so much more!

MaxFund is a true no-kill animal shelter and adoption center that challenges the traditional methods of animal sheltering by leading the no kill movement in Colorado. We strive to give animals, including the injured, abandoned, and abused, a "second chance at life." All funds raised through this auction will go directly back into the organization to help us continue to meet our mission.

Visit our our auction site to secure your virtual spot and take a peek at a few items that will be available soon! By pre-registering, you'll receive a text or email when the auction is officially open on the 25th, and you can start bidding right away!


Read more about us and what we do at Please reach out to Alexa at with any questions.




Happening October 25 to 31


Please donate items for our auction such as:

New or Slightly Used Items Jewelry
Sports Memorabilia Etc.

This is MaxFund’s major fundraiser for the year, and we need your continued support.

Call 720-266-6081 or email for more information.

LET THE HOWLING BEGIN!~Woofers and Purrs


An update on the MaxFund Dog Shelter:

By Julie Malone - March 23, 2020

As of Monday, March 23 we are closing the dog adoption center to the public to adhere to CDC recommendations, and protect the health of the community & our staff. We have found temporary foster homes for most of our pups to relieve the demand on our team, so that we can practice social distancing.
The cat shelter will remain open as we process more temporary foster applications & pick-ups the next few days.
Keep an eye on this page for more updates.

A note to the MaxFund Community about MaxFund and Coronavirus

from MaxFund Executive Director Nanci Suro

MaxFund Executive Director Nanci Suro

During these challenging times, we are grateful for the steadfast support of the MaxFund community. We are all interconnected, and we will all get through this together.
I want to let you know of some of the things that we are doing to deal with coronavirus/COVID-19 issues.

What we’re doing at the shelter.
One, the continued welfare of the dogs and cats in our care is always our top priority. We’re making sure we have the staffing and supplies we need. The animals depend on us to give them the care they need every single day regardless of what’s going on with the humans around them. The two things we are doing to make sure we’re prepared are (1) making sure there’s full kennel staff coverage, supplemented by the wonderful work of volunteers who have been trained to assist on days when we don’t have enough staff coverage; and (2) actively seeking temporary foster homes to the extent possible. 
Two, our mission depends on the continued health and safety of our staff and volunteers. But kennel work and veterinary work can’t be done “remotely.” We are encouraging everyone who serves MaxFund – staff and volunteers – to stay home if they don’t feel well. And, although we are a non-profit with a lean budget, we’re providing sick leave benefits to our staff, in order to reduce the financial burden that an absence from work would otherwise cause. For work that can be done from home, we’ve authorized telecommuting.
Three, we’re complying with “best practices” directives and recommendations. We’re always conscious about sanitary hygiene practices in a shelter environment, but we’ve upped our practices in that regard. We have asked everyone in the shelter to maintain social distancing to the extent practicable. We have cancelled all events and face-to-face meetings, including new volunteer orientations, for the time being. Please note, the cancellations INCLUDE the annual open public meeting that we scheduled for March 28, 2020. We will reschedule that open public meeting at a later date.
And finally, while both the shelter and the vet clinic remain open at this time, we are, for now, limiting shelter intakes and transfers. We will always stand by our commitment to take back a dog or cat you’ve adopted from MaxFund if you must relinquish one. But we hope that you’ll work with us to ensure that this can be done in an orderly way to limit the burdens that could otherwise affect our shelter animals. Email us at to discuss further. 

What you can do to help.

MaxFund relies on the generosity of our community. We could not exist if not for the support of the individuals and businesses who believe, as we do, in the MaxFund mission. We hope you’ll find it in your hearts to continue to support MaxFund. Like others, our expenses are rising, and our fundraising activities have had to be curtailed.
Support doesn’t just mean dollars, although dollars are, of course, critical. Help us out by bringing by your donations. In particular, any and all donations of dog food and cat food (unopened and unexpired, please) are extremely welcome. Our shelter animals have food supplies. But your dog food/cat food donations will be used to support our low-income food program. 
Also welcome are the “extras” that we may not have an adequate budget for. If you’re able to bring in jarred meat baby food (chicken, turkey), those are appreciated by our picky animals. Check our Amazon wish list for other things we can use. If you’re isolation-shopping, we’re happy to be included!

About your own safety and that of your own companion animals.

The World Health Organization has stated that there’s no evidence that coronavirus transmission can happen between you and your companion animals. The ASPCA has a number of good suggestions for keeping you and your pets safe during this time here. They include following basic hygiene practices, making sure you have a supply of pet foods, medicines, cat litter, etc., designating a caregiver just in case, and creating a “dossier” of info a caregiver may need. 

The current circumstances are a challenge for us. They’re challenging for you. But we will continue our important work for the homeless dogs and cats in our care. And we know we can depend on your continued support. We are in this together. Thank you.

Nanci Suro, MaxFund Executive Director