5 Steps to Selecting a Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Facility

5 Steps to Selecting a Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Facility

For senior pet owners, the prospect of moving into an assisted living facility can seem daunting. Many pet owners worry that they won’t be able to bring their animal companions with them if they move into assisted living. Whether you’re interested in adopting a pet or already own a pet, you can find a facility that will also accommodate them. These tips will show you how to deal with stress during your search, ask the right questions, and design a room that suits your pet.

Manage Your Own Stress
There’s no doubt that looking for the right assisted living facility can be challenging. But throughout this process, try your best to stay calm around your pet. Dogs and cats can often get stressed out when they sense that their owners are overwhelmed. Therefore, taking steps to manage your own stress will help your pet feel happier and healthier, too. 

How can you tell if your pet is feeling stressed? Keep an eye out for warning signs like frequent urination, excessive scratching or biting, or a change in their appetite.

Purchase the Right Products
If you struggle with mobility or deal with other physical health issues, carrying out basic pet care tasks can become challenging. For many seniors, investing in helpful products makes pet care much easier! Senior Safety Advice recommends getting an automatic feeder, a jaw scoop for picking up waste, and a pet camera.

Is your pet also a senior? Getting a dog ramp that fully supports your pet’s weight is a great idea that can improve their quality of life! With a dog ramp, your pet will be able to climb up to your bed or the coach with ease. Make sure to look for a metal or wood dog ramp with appropriate traction.

You can purchase these products and more prior to moving into an assisted living facility. That way, you can simply pack them up and set them out when you move so your pet will feel at home immediately.

Research Facilities
To start your search, you’ll need to come up with a list of promising facilities in the area where you want to live. How can you identify reputable facilities? Ask your loved ones for recommendations first, and then search for facilities online that are advertised as pet-friendly.

Since pet-friendly assisted living facilities are not as common, it's important to include factors like walk score into the search criteria when determining which one will best suit you or your loved one. Consider locations that have amenities, parks, shopping centers and other attractions within walking distance. It's also good to look for facilities that offer outdoor space for pets and activities for residents so they can easily enjoy time with family and their four-legged friends. With the right location and appropriate accommodations, finding that perfect pet-friendly assisted living facility doesn't have to be such a challenge.

Taking Tours
Before booking a space at a particular facility, you’ll need to take a tour first and ensure that it’s a safe, clean, comfortable place to live. During your tour, take a moment to ask about their pet policies. Furthermore, Symphony Senior Living recommends talking to other residents, eating a meal in their cafeteria, asking about their safety and security policies, and spending some time exploring on your own.

Caring for Your Pet
Before moving into your new apartment, talk to the staff at the facility and get clear on what they can help you with as far as pet care goes. You may need to hire outside help, such as a dog walker. You could also ask a local relative or friend for assistance with pet care a few times per week.

Moving into an assisted living facility represents a big lifestyle shift. It’s much easier to deal with a transition like this when you can bring your beloved pet with you! With these tips, you’ll be able to get your stress under control, find a facility that welcomes your pet, and outfit your new space with the right pet products.

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Author: Robin Meade
Photo via Pexels

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