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MaxFund's 2017 Holiday Donation Wish List

MaxFund Animal Shelter
2017 Holiday Wish List
  • Purina One Dry Cat Food (Salmon & Tuna). Purina One Kitten Food, Dry and Canned. 
  • Friskies Canned Food (Cats). Whiskas Cat Milk. 
  • Iams Canned Food (Dogs – Chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice). 
  • Large Milk Bones. Cat Litter. Toys for Dogs and Cats. 
  • KMR Milk Replacement for Nursing Kittens and Puppies. 
  • Windex. Postage Stamps. Dish Soap. Tissues. Fans. Bleach. 
  • Sturdy Leashes. All sizes dog harnesses. 
  • Packages of Raw Hot Dogs (For Administering Medication). 
  • Acreage for a Sanctuary – Our Dream.  
  • Gift Cards for PetSmart, Petco, Office Depot, and King Soopers. 
  • Portable CD Players to Help Keep our Animals Calm.
Thank you for your kind contribution to animals in need this holiday season!