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Colorado Gives Day - Tuesday, December 5th!

Learn More, and Donate Here

Colorado Gives Day is a state-wide "day of giving" to non-profit charities of your choice. Please consider donating to MaxFund.

Colorado Gives Day's MaxFund donation page allows you to GO AHEAD AND SCHEDULE YOUR DONATION FOR DECEMBER 5TH, 2017. 

PLEASE PRE-SCHEDULE A DONATION TO MAXFUND THROUGH THE COLORADO GIVES DAY LINK YOU CAN FIND BY CLICKING HERE. All donations scheduled through the MaxFund Colorado Gives Day website between now and December 5th help us receive additional dollars through the Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund. This fund will add $1,000 to every $10,000 raised -- with all dollars going directly to MaxFund Animal Shelter! 

We thank you, and the animals of MaxFund Animal Shelter thank you, for choosing MaxFund as your charity of choice.
We cannot help them without you.