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Community Service for School Projects

More and more schools are requiring a certain number of community service hours per year. While these hours MAY be completed at MaxFund, they must be done within the parameters of our normal volunteer program and  age restrictions

If you are looking to complete just a few hours, while your interest is appreciated, MaxFund may not be the best place for your time. We are looking for four hours a month, with a minimum of a six-month committment. If you are interested and are willing to meet the minimum commitment request, then you (and your parents if you are under age) are encouraged to apply to become volunteers. 

Because of how long it takes to get volunteers started once they turn in their applications (generally 3 weeks to a month depending on the time of year), we would recommend you get started as soon as possible. To be fair to all volunteers, we don't push any volunteers forward in line to get them processed earlier so they can meet their school deadlines, so please plan accordingly if you are interested in volunteering with MaxFund.