5 Great Apps That Will Help You and Your New Dog Adjust

5 Great Apps That Will Help You and Your New Dog Adjust

To some extent, adopting a dog is like having a baby; it's one of those things you learn as you go. It's natural to feel overwhelmed, but once you discover all the great apps that are designed to help you and your dog adjust, you'll be wagging your tail in no time! So pull out your smartphone and let's dive in.

Animal Poison by ASPCA

You've probably heard that there are certain foodsthat dogs can't have. Foods like chocolate, grapes, and onions are off-limits. You've probably also heard that dogs don't care - some will eat anything they can get to! 

Animal Poison by ASPCAhelps you in those times when your dog eats something he shouldn't. The app features a searchable database of toxic foods, plants, and chemicals. It also helps you connect directly with the ASPCA poison control to help you find out whether Fido simply has a tummy ache or needs to be seen right away.  

Dog Monitor & Pet Cam By Annie

If you have to leave your pet while you go to work or run to the store, you may find yourself wondering what your dog is up to (or how thosechew markson your kitchen cabinets got there). The Dog Monitor & Pet Cam by Annieallows you to keep an eye on your new furry friend. But it gets better! In addition to watching your pet, you can also talk to him by activating the microphone. It’s a separation anxietysolution for you both!

Say Bark!

Your dog is part of your family. So, naturally, he should be part of your holiday card, and now you can include your pooch in fabulously unique ways. CNET explains that the Say Bark!app allows you to create hilarious and/or heartwarming video greetings starring Fido to send to all of your friends. Whether it’s a special birthday or an everyday hello, just dress him, throw on some music, and let your pup steal the show. 

Paw Tracks

One of the best ways to have fun with your new dog is to go for a walk. Just make sure to bring a sturdy leash and this app. Paw Tracksallows you to track your route and record where your dog stopped to take a pit stop, and it can help you with other health information as well. For instance, if your dog is on a special diet, you might want to track his meals. Paw Tracks does that too, and the app allows multiple users so you can share the info with your spouse, child, or dog walker. 

Optimize Your Apps

If you want to get the most out of these apps, you might find you need a newer phone. Feature-rich apps sometimes weigh down older models, but there are plenty of new makes and models to pick from. For example, Samsung’s line is available from Verizon with options at every price point, andplans includethings like the Echo Dot and unlimited data. You can search for your favorite features, like a generous display, a terrific camera, and ample battery life. 

Wired notes Apple fans can pick from iPhones with features like speedy processing, abundant memory, and amazing photo capabilities. Just think about what will keep you grinning and your pup’s tail wagging, and load up with your pick of fun and educational apps.

There's nothing like bringing home a new pet. While it can be intimidating at first, it's nothing you can't handle with the right support. There are many resources available to new dog owners; just check these apps out and explore what they have to offer. You're sure to find just what you and Fido need.
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