Adventures with Max - Catching up with Max

By Julie Malone - June 17, 2019

This installment of adventures takes place over several weeks, starting with our visit to the Cinco de Mayo festivities at Civic Center Park. Although our normal friends were not there, Max met at least a half dozen women and a half dozen men. They were people who asked to pet Max, and after being warned that Max can be unpredictable and sometimes aggressive, they persisted in wanting to pet him. There were, as usual no aggressive incidents. On the walk home we turned a corner and ran into a woman coming out of a coffee shop, with a coffee in one hand she instinctively reached out to pet Max on the head. No issues - Max was glad to be petted. 

Also, several weeks ago we had a visit with specific friends Al and Debby in Civic Center Park. Every weekend we go to the park to meet up with these and other friends, and to get Max used to being around people, pets, and vehicles of every nature. Max met these friends several months ago and although these friends were warned that Max can be unpredictable and sometimes aggressive, Max is always glad to see them and let them pet him and in Al's case, encourage Max to lick his face. Outside the shelter environment, Max is seldom aggressive to people or dogs - there has only been one occasion where Max was at all aggressive and that was when a lady friend gave him a rawhide bone and later tried to take it way when Max was showing little interest in it. It was not sufficient enough for the lady to stop petting and befriending Max.

This past weekend we met, a man named Doug, who I thought might be the perfect pack-leader for Max. He was a forty-ish, cowboy looking man who worked outside and drove a nice big white pickup truck. The man immediately recognized Max as a good dog and in-spite of the normal unpredictable/sometimes aggressive warning he vigorously commenced to petting and caressing Max. Max was in heaven!  Doug and I agreed that Max would look great sitting in the passenger seat of his truck, and Doug was very interested in Max and his situation. Doug had lost the love of his life (woof) several years ago and had not felt like he was able to get another one. Doug lives in Westminster and has lots of wild critters in his neighborhood and around his house. He also has four cats ... :(  

That's it for this installment.

Max's Friend, Pat 
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