Adventures with Max! Visit to Denver Pride Celebration.

This week on Adventures with Max - Max goes to Denver PRIDE!

Yesterday, during our regular weekend outing to Civic Center Park, we found there was a Gay Pride Festival taking place, with lots of wonderful people, colors, music, and of course Max's favorite - food!  After passing security we stopped at the tattoo concession, and what do you think - did he or didn't he? First one to find a Max tattoo wins a prize! 

Then we headed off to see the thousands of people celebrating the terrific event, taking in all the great costumes, colors, music, and friendliness from the attendees. We didn't see our regular friends Al, Sandy, and Debby, although we made a half-dozen new friends - who petted and massaged Max to his great delight. Max found scavenging to be quite productive at the event, and we considered stepping up to the Jumbo Bratwurst concession for an easy meal - however after considering the large number of people around the concession and the element of tasty food being passed around, we decided to stick with foraging and eating the treats in my bag.

Max and I walked among hundreds, if not thousands of people wandering around the park and Max never showed aggression to anyone or any critter (although he did display a keen interest in squirrels). Max seemed to enjoy the music and did not appear agitated by the general noise associated with the event. We did some promoting for Max and MaxFund, and it occurred to us that perhaps we should carry business type information cards printed up for Max and other dogs, to hand out to potential adopters - hmmmm....

Once back at MaxFund Max was delighted to see that his kennel had a Bronco motif - as of course Max is a huge Bronco fan. Thanks to some of his favorite people, Sandy and Sergio!!
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