MaxFun No Kill Shelter

You may have seen in the news the recent stories about the crisis at the Pueblo animal shelter. MaxFund was pleased to be able to transfer 51 dogs and 25 cats from Pueblo to Denver, and they are now receiving loving care at MaxFund (some have already found foster homes).

Immediately upon hearing of the crisis, MaxFund Executive Director Nanci Suro dispatched to Pueblo a crew consisting of Shelter Manager Cheryl Stapleton, Veterinarian Erin Davezac, Vet Tech Jessica Ruiz, and other staff members. After an overnight stay, they were allowed to take every single animal who remained at the Pueblo shelter after other shelters had selected animals to rescue. We made sure that the Pueblo shelter was empty! These dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, many of whom need medical care, are settling in knowing that they are loved and safe. We hope you'll visit when they're ready for adoption...and perhaps take home a new family member!

Dog and cat lovers know that "it takes a village" to rescue animals in need. We could not fulfill our mission without the generosity of the individuals and businesses that support our efforts. Thank you for the outpouring of help; we will need every dollar, every blanket and towel, every can of cat food, every bag of dog food, every volunteer, and every loving foster and adoptive home, in the coming days, weeks, and months!

We also know that rescue requires the efforts of many shelters and rescue groups, and we honor everyone who helped out in the Pueblo crisis. But we were dismayed to see that there were some direct attacks on the "no-kill" philosophy by some, who alleged that the Pueblo crisis reflects an "extreme version" of no-kill. We could not disagree more. That crisis may have stemmed from "no-care," but it was not the result of "no-kill," which we have lived by for 31 years.

We'd like to share with you in the below link a letter that was written by our Board President to the Pueblo City Council. We hope that it clarifies what no-kill is and isn't. The divisions that a few have sought to create among shelters and rescue are unnecessary. We honor and appreciate all who are in the fight to save homeless, stray, sick, and injured animals. Let's not allow petty human differences to divert us from our mission. 

You can read the full letter from Tami here or by pasting in your browser.
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