How to Clean Up After Fido Without Spending an Arm and a Paw

Your dog is your family member, best friend, confidant, and giver of unlimited snuggles. You can’t imagine a world without your dog in it, but if you did, you’d probably see a home that is much cleaner. Pet dander, fur, and drool come with the territory, but you
 don’t have to spend a fortune to keep a clean home and have a happy pooch.
Stay on Top of Bathing
A visit to the groomer can quickly add up, especially if you take your pooch often to get the fresh scent you love. However, bathing your dog yourself can not only save you money, but it can also enable you to give your dog a health inspection. “It is a great
 time to assess your dog’s overall condition and also to wipe out her ears and eyes
 and check her teeth,” according to iHeartDogs. Brushing should be a weekly activity as well to cut down on shedding and improve your dog’s coat health by distributing oils and removing tangles. There are a variety of brushes to choose from, including deshedding
 tools, grooming gloves, and curry combs, and all are budget-friendly.
Don’t Get Furry
No matter how often you brush your dog, fur will always find its way onto floors, furniture, and you. Rather than constantly shelling out cash for expensive hair remover tools, opt for DIY pet hair removal methods. For example, instead of stocking up on lint rollers (which can add up), create your own using duct tape and a paint roller. For hair on the surface of carpets, furniture, and floors, a dryer sheet acts as a magnet and leaves behind a fresh scent as a bonus. However, pet hair and dander will make its way down deep into carpets and upholstery, which is why having a good vacuum makes the clean-up job a whole lot easier. When you shop around for vacuums, look for one that has a good HEPA filtration system, such as the Dyson Cyclone V10, to trap even the smallest particles. Vacuum at least once a week for a deep down clean, but use DIY methods for a quick clean up.
Fight Back Against Pet Dander
Not only does your dog shed fur but also dead skin cells in the form of pet dander. If you or anyone in your home has allergies, this can make your home a place of misery rather than relaxation. In order to remove it from surfaces, be sure to use a damp cloth as opposed to a dry one, which only swirls it around in the air. Anything that is machine-washable, such as drapes, bedding (yours and Fido’s), pillow covers, rugs, and blankets, should go through the laundry cycle. For those things you can’t toss in the wash such as upholstery and carpeting, a vacuum with attachments is an absolute must. If allergies are a serious issue or you’d just prefer extra peace of mind knowing the air you breathe is clean, consider investing in an air purifier, many of which can be purchased online for less than $100.
Clean Drool with Ease
Chances are, when you leave your dog home alone, they excitedly await your return. Perhaps they have a habit of squirrel and bird watching or simply enjoy looking out the window. This can result in smudges and drool all over your windows. Use a squeegee
and your favorite spray cleaner to save money spent on endless rolls of paper towels and cut down on streaks. You can create your own cleaning solution using equal parts warm water and vinegar. If the drool has dried and resists all your other cleaning efforts,
a magic eraser is a great buffing tool. Dogs can be messy, but you wouldn’t trade your furry companion for the world. To keep your home clean, make sure Fido stays clean too. Then, keep on top of dog-related messes such as fur, pet dander, and drool so that your home stays fresh and clean.

Jessica Brody
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