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Oppose HB 21-1160

MaxFund Animal Shelter and over 80 other organizations are opposing House Bill 21-1160.

We will be opposing this bill in the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee April 22, 2021 at 1:30pm. You can submit written testimony for this hearing NOW. Learn how and where to submit written testimony here. Watch this space for updates on how you can help us fight this bill.

Over 70 organizations are joining MaxFund in their efforts to keep this bill from passing. 

View Organizations Opposing HB 21-1160

In this bill: It is NOT clear how the definition of “Healthy” animals would be standardized or defined: 

  • Is a blind dog or cat with a treatable medical condition “healthy” enough to be saved? THIS BILL IS UNCLEAR AND DOES NOT ANSWER THESE TYPES OF QUESTIONS.

  • In this bill: There is NOT a clear definition of what constitutes a “safe” animal: 

  • Would a cat scratch that breaks the skin mean that the cat cannot be saved? Are animals with the potential to be safe allowed to receive treatment? THIS BILL IS UNCLEAR AND DOES NOT ANSWER THESE TYPES OF QUESTIONS.

In this bill: There is NO indication of who will have the authority to give direction on these vague definitions.

  • Additional problems with this bill:

  • Section 2 of this bill contradicts itself, making it impossible to understand the true intent of the bill, or its full potential impact on Colorado shelters.

  • Puts PACFA licensed shelters, rescues and their staff in potential jeopardy of revocation or legal ramifications if unclear new rules are not followed.

  • Notes attached to this bill indicate the State anticipates additional revenue from fines for violations of this legislation, putting underfunded and/or rural shelters at increased risk of added financial strain and/or closure.

  • Stakeholders such as MaxFund Animal Adoption Center and over 50 other PACFA organizations opposing this bill were NOT consulted in the process of introducing this bill.

  • The short title of Section 2 of this bill is “Colorado Socially Conscious Sheltering Act”. Organizations who support this bill have publicly indicated their goal through legislation is to make Colorado a “Socially Conscious Sheltering state”, signifying a potential threat to the No Kill movement and other sheltering models in Colorado. 

Download this FACT SHEET here.

Read the bill here.


Email and call senators on the Senate Committee, asking them to OPPOSE HB 21-1160:

Senator Kerry Donovan (303-866-4871) 
Senator Jessie Danielson (303-866-4856) 
Senator Rhonda Fields (303-866-4879)
Senator Jerry Sonnenberg (303-866-6360)
Senator Don Coram  (303-866-4884)

Email Subject:  Oppose HB21-1160
In the body of the email:
Dear Senator,
[Insert personal note asking them to vote NO on HB21-1160]

Contact us at for more information on how to help defeat HB 21-1160.