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Star - MaxFund's "Employee" of the Week!

One of our volunteers has an amazing job where her company allows her to take a MaxFund dog along to work with her. These are not just a break from the shelter for the pups, but an opportunity for us to get to know them better outside of the shelter environment. 

I took Star to work with me today! 

She was TERRIFIED of the car. Laid down in the road and refused to get in. I had to pick her up and put her in the car. So, Star is ok with being picked up, but we will need to practice showing her that car rides can be fun. Once she was in, she was a pretty mellow passenger!

When we got here, I walked her around the office like I do with all the dogs so she could get to know her new surroundings a little bit. She seemed a little intimidated/overwhelmed - I think this is the first time shes been out of the shelter since she joined us.

She didn't want to be confined to my office at first, so she paced around a bit, but once she felt comfortable, she took up a post by the door so she could keep an eye on everyone else in the office. I was worried at first she was going to be my first Tuesday fail and I'd have to bring her back because she was too high energy and distracting, but once she settled down, she did really great!

She does really, really great with verbal commands. She knows her name, she knows come here, and she was really responsive to both! She knew what I wanted her to do most of the time. This included staying put in my office when I left - she didn't try to sneak out! 

She is a pro at the elbow nuzzle to get her head under your arm so you will pet her. It was impossible to resist! I got a pic of her smile as she does it, too.

The office dog wasn't sure what he thought about her and kept barking, but she was absolutely infatuted with him (see them staring at each other across my door). We introduced them in the afternoon and she did great, even understanding that he just wasn't that interested in her.

She liked keeping an eye on things through the door more than lying next to me, so I set up the bed and blanket as some extra padding for her hips by the door. She liked watching everyone walk by!

Star was her super snuggly self all day long with me, and I absolutely adored having her as my partner for the day. I think she would make a great office dog - which is not what I thought I would walk away from today saying! She's quiet, well behaved, and calm. She wants snuggles, and to keep her eye on things. She is absolutely devoted to her "person" - and today, I was lucky enough to be that for her.

Star truly is a star...seriously. She is cuddly and sweet, smart, happy, goofy, and gosh, I just love her. I was already a big fan but if possible, I love her even more now!