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MaxFund, February 19, 2024

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“The Greatest Glory” 

While America was home, spending time with their loved ones, polishing off their Thanksgiving leftovers, and keeping warm during the blustery tail-end of November, a stray, 3-year-old, Husky had been struck by a car in Brush, CO and left for dead. Thankfully, she was found by the Brush Police Department and brought to the closest veterinary clinic to assess the damage done to her body. 

Her x-rays were bad; both hips were fractured, with one even out of the socket. Surgery was imminent for Glory to regain the full functionality of her legs, and to stop any infection she may have had from spreading to other parts of her body. 

MaxFund was contacted by Brush County, one of our rural rescue partners, and asked us to take her in and help her. MaxFund gladly accepted this challenge. She arrived at the shelter with a police escort, and already had the perfect name- Glory!  Knowing of her injuries ahead of time, we expected Glory to be carried in, but to our surprise, Glory (not so gracefully) pranced through our front doors.  She did not look like a dog who would require major surgery. She had a happy smile, and a “ready to go” attitude!  Though in obvious pain and in need of surgery, Glory was quick to ingratiate herself with us and constantly offer sweet, gentle kisses to everyone. With the eyes and ears of a Husky and soft, fluffy fur the color of sunshine, Glory truly is a one-in-a-million dog.  

 “The greater the effort, the greater the glory.” - Pierre Corneille 

Glory’s operation was completed, with both her hips repaired.  Needing immediate foster care, one of our volunteers stepped in to be her Foster.  Glory spent several weeks being pampered at her foster home, receiving massages, sleeping on her orthopedic mattress, and building up her stamina and strength. She received physical therapy and enrichment puzzles to keep her mind engaged while she was on strict restriction.  With the Foster’s work requirements changing, Glory has found her way back to MaxFund, where she is still getting laser therapy, physical therapy, and plenty of love & attention every day.  We are certain that she will be someone’s best friend for many years to come once she has passed this bump in the road. This would have been an impossible achievement without our donors. We are so grateful for those who support our mission.  

Glory has become a symbol of MaxFund’s commitment to ensuring every animal that comes into our care is provided with gold-standard veterinary care and the love and compassion they deserve. Like any injured dog who arrives at MaxFund, Glory’s recovery is our top priority. Her recovery is a communal effort that depends on help from kennel staff, fosters, medical staff, and donors who support the costs of her care. If you believe in the MaxFund mission, we invite and welcome your contribution so we can keep giving dogs like Glory a second chance at life. With your help, Glory, and the many dogs who will come after her, will be able to stand tall and walk free for many years to come. 


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