Help Freya the Kitten on Her Healing Journey!

Please enjoy as we share a remarkable tale of survival and resilience that has unfolded at MaxFund Cat Adoption Center. It's a story about a tiny warrior named Freya, born on 8/27/2023, who captured our hearts from the moment she arrived. DONATE NOW to be a part of Freya's ongoing healing journey: 

Freya's journey began when she was dropped off at MaxFund on 10/1/23 as a stray with her mom and siblings. Confused and vulnerable, she found solace in the compassionate arms of our foster care program. As days passed, it became evident that Freya was facing significant health challenges. She hadn't pooped in over a week, and her tummy began to expand with no relief in sight. Despite the tireless efforts of our vet staff, Freya's condition remained stubbornly unyielding.

With unwavering determination, Freya was brough to Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital, where their skilled team assisted her in evacuating her colon. The subsequent bloodwork revealed a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, a condition that, once controlled, would pave the way for Freya's overall well-being.

But Freya's journey didn't end there…

Our dedicated volunteers stepped in, offering to transport Freya to acupuncture sessions, an additional step towards her recovery. Ellen Zachary, one of our incredible volunteers, has been providing Freya with the healing energy of reiki. It truly has been "ALL HANDS ON DECK" – our staff, volunteers, CRCG acupuncture, VRCC – a collective effort to see Freya through her darkest days.

The resilience displayed by Freya is nothing short of inspiring. Despite the challenges, she never lost her sparkle. She continued to eat, groom, and play, showcasing a true brightness in her eyes that refused to dim. We are overjoyed to share that Freya is now pooping on her own and feeling much better. However, her journey to complete recovery is ongoing, and this is where we need your help…

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DONATE NOW to be a part of Freya's ongoing healing journey:

Thank you for your continued support of our No Kill mission. Together, we can create a brighter future for Freya and many others who rely on our collective kindness.
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