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Mermaid Update - She's Been Adopted!


Happy news that Mermaid (now named Indy) has been adopted by a forever family! Indy is also now made famous as @indytherollerpup on Instagram, so follow her progress as she continues to live life to the fullest with her new family!

Oh my goodness, hello! My name is Mermaid! I am so pleased to meet you! I am a very special and lovely lady born in August 2015. I am a mixed breed and I weigh around 46 pounds.

Ever since I arrived at MaxFund, I've been capturing hearts everywhere I go. When we first meet, you might notice something a little different about me...I walk on wheels, teehee! You see, when I arrived at MaxFund it was obvious my past was not the brightest. My back legs were raw and immobile, and it seemed that I was living outdoors. It was clear that I had suffered an injury that had never been treated. Although I was in rough shape physically, you would've never guessed it based on my attitude! In fact, I'm not so sure I even notice I'm different than most dogs! I do know one thing for sure: you're never going to meet a pooch as special as me! At least, that's what people tell me! I've been a staff and shelter favorite since I walked through the front door! That may not sound like a big deal but it really is when you consider all of the amazing and cool dogs I reside here with! I think that people are attracted to me because of my refreshing outlook on life! I'm the kind of girl who never lets anything get her down.

Recently, MaxFund custom-fit me for my very own wheelchair! I'm getting used to the movements, but I must say, I'm a huge fan! I was born to be fast! Zoom zoom zoom! After speaking with the doctors, it sounds like I won't be able to walk again...Not that it makes much of a difference to me! Like I said before, I like to focus on the bright side! As long as I have loving humans in my life, I'm a happy lady! My positive outlook is such a refreshing reminder to appreciate life! 

Well, there ya have it! If you're ready for a life full of cuddles, love, and positive energy- I'm your girl! Ask the front desk to meet me today! There is no way you're going to be able to resist!