UPDATE! MaxFund’s Chi Poo Safety Campaign to Save Over 70 Chihuahua Poodles

UPDATE: June 1: More Chihuahua Poodle mixes were found at the resident's house in connection with the hoarding case that began in February of this year. MaxFund has taken in more than 70 of these dogs, and we still need your assistance in covering the cost of their care, which amounts to thousands of dollars. Please consider making a donation today by clicking here. Your support is greatly appreciated as we provide a safe haven for these innocent beings.

UPDATE: April 10: 
Our medical bills total thousands of dollars, and we still need your help. A large number of the Chihuahua/Poodle mix hoarding case dogs suffer from ongoing, severe medical conditions. Donors have been generous to us, enabling us to address these needs, but we still ask for your help.

Please take a moment to watch and share this video created by Kim Shively, a dog volunteer with MaxFund. We appreciate your continued support.

UPDATE: March 6: 
Brighter Days Dog Rescue is joining the list of organizations partnering to transfer in Chi Poos. Tomorrow begins the process of spaying and neutering, where 30 Chi Poos will receive care from a team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians provided by Veterinary Emergency Group, with the support of MaxFund staff and volunteers. 

UPDATE: Beginning Saturday, March 4,
you must make an appointment at the dog shelter to see the Chi Poo dogs and puppies. Staff are doing their best to accomodate all requested viewings: email dogadoptioncenter@maxfund.org or call 303-595-4917. 

UPDATE: On Friday, March 3,
42 dogs and puppies from this hoarding situation arrived at MaxFund, bringing the total right now in our care, from this same home, to 56. Like a well-oiled machine, volunteers and staff worked for hours to sort and bathe them all. Follow us on social media for updated photos and videos!

Original Post: 
On Friday, February 17,
MaxFund was notified about a pet owner that had 40 Chihuahua Poodle mixes at risk of being taken by a local animal control agency and euthanized. The pet owner was contacted, and MaxFund was asked to please take the animals, ensuring their lives would be saved.

MaxFund quickly circled the wagons and took action, working with other area animal organizations to ensure each of these Chihuahua Poodles could be brought to safety. TO HELP US FUND THIS PROJECT, DONATE HERE: https://square.link/u/FmeI14qs

MaxFund's goal is to raise $10,000. NO KILL COLORADO WILL BE MATCHING THE FIRST $2,000.

Ten of these dogs have already arrived at MaxFund. The first and second week of March, all 40 will be spayed and neutered at MaxFund with the volunteer assistance of a team of veterinarians and surgical techs from Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG). In addition to spay/neuter, medications, microchipping and vaccinations will be administered as recommended for each animal.

After surgery, organizations interested in welcoming various numbers of these animal into their care include: State of Colorado Prison Trained Canine Companion Program, The Misfits Dog Rescue and Rocky Mountain Children’s Health’s The Stinkbug Project.

MaxFund expects that by the second week of March, many of these Chihuahua Poodles will be ready to find forever homes. In the meantime, we need fosters! To become a foster volunteer, please email fostering@maxfund.org. Email dogadoptioncenter@maxfund.org to be placed on a list of people interested in adopting a Chi Poo.

Donations can be mailed to:
MaxFund Animal Adoption Center
Chi Poo Safety Campaign
958 Inca St
Denver, CO 80204

Paypal Donations use: donate@maxfund.org
To donate by phone using a credit card: 720-726-4552 x 104

We appreciate your support of our No Kill mission.

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