A 5 Step Guide to Leaving Your Pet with a Pet Sitter

A 5 Step Guide to Leaving Your Pet with a Pet Sitter

Traveling can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but when you have a pet at home, you may be anxious about leaving them behind no matter how appealing your plans are. Hiring a qualified pet sitter is an excellent way to reduce not only your stress but your pet’s as well. Use this guide from MaxFund Animal Adoption Center to help you find the right sitter for your situation.

1. Know Your Needs

Every pet’s needs are different, and if you have multiple pets, those needs can be widely varied. Compose a list of duties your pet sitter will need to manage.

Consider medication your pets might need to take, their feeding schedule, any bathroom needs they might need seen to and what kind of activity they require. Depending on the list, you might need a pet sitter who can be with your pet full-time or nearly full-time or you may be able to manage with someone who spends a period of time with your pet each day. Have your list ready for when you start looking for a sitter so that you can give any potential hires clear expectations.

2. Dealing with Guilt

It can be difficult leaving members of the family at home, even if they are four-legged or scaly. Having a pet sitter devoted to the needs of your animals helps you to know that your pets are being looked after with minimal disruptions to their routine and you are free to travel without guilt.

As stressful as it may be to be separated, both your stress and that of your pets can be greatly minimized when you know you’ve hired a qualified caregiver to help you through and your pet sees they can trust the pet sitter to see to their needs. Additionally, The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters explains that a good sitter can build up trust and cultivate a rapport with your pets, making it easier for you to feel comfortable leaving them in the pet sitter’s care the next time you have to take a trip.

3. Find the Right Fit
Finding a good pet sitter has never been easier. You no longer have to rely on word-of-mouth; there are many excellent websites and apps available now that allow you to search for the kind of help you need while reading reviews and comparing prices. Top Dog Tips recommends the Wag and Rover apps, both of which have a robust network of pet sitters available.

4. Stock Up on Food

It’s important that your pet sitter has everything they need on hand, but pet food is arguably the most important. Stock up on high quality freeze dried pet food. Unlike traditional wet food, freeze dried food is cooked slowly to retain more nutrients. Plus, with meat dog food and cat food, your pets will get more protein and fewer carbohydrates, which is perfect for a diabetic pet.

5. Prepare for Your Trip
While you have pre-established habits with your pets, a pet sitter will not be aware of those and how they can be performed without your direction. Provide a thorough list of expectations and ensure any medication, food items or activity tools are accessible to the pet sitter. They must be aware of where to find wet and dry food, water access, medicines, leashes, crates and anything else that your pet requires regularly to make sure the separation goes as smoothly as possible.

Communication is key when leaving your pets in the care of a sitter. Let your pet sitter know early on how you will be communicating with them and what kind of communication you expect. If you want photos, for example, it’s important to let the pet sitter know up front so they can make sure they can accommodate your request.

Traveling when you have a pet at home doesn't have to be anxiety-inducing, and you certainly shouldn't give up traveling just because you’re afraid to leave your four-legged family member. Do some legwork and find a quality pet sitter who can put you and your pet at ease so that you can both make the most of your time apart. And be sure to leave everything they need, from high-quality freeze dried food to their favorite toys, so that your pet and sitting will have great quality time together.

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Article By: Robin Meade robin.meade@safetyforpets.com

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