Aging Pet? Follow These Essential Strategies to Give Them the Best Life

Aging Pet? Follow These Essential Strategies to Give Them the Best Life

It can be tough dealing with an aging pet. After all, pets are the purest, most wholesome beings out there, and they bring so much joy to our lives. Thus, seeing them suffer can be heartbreaking. However, as your duty as a pet parent, you need to do all you can to make the aging process easier on them. How can you do so? MaxFund Animal Adoption Center breaks it down below.

Administering Medicine

Giving your pet medicine can be daunting but will likely be essential for those with aging pets. Here are a few tips to help make administering medicine to your pet a smooth and seamless process: 

  • Choose the right time to give your pet their medicine: If the treatment is to be taken with food, give it to them at mealtime. If the medicine is to be taken on an empty stomach, then give it to them at least an hour before they typically eat.

  • Get your pet in a comfortable position: If they are standing, have them stand still or sit. If your pet is prone to squirming, you may need to lay them down on their side or stomach.

  • Administer the medicine using the correct method: If the medication is in pill form, hiding it in food is your best bet. If the medicine is liquid, you must use a syringe or dropper to measure and administer the correct dosage.

  • Be prepared for your pet to resist: Many pets will not be thrilled about taking medicine, so be prepared for them to try and squirm away. Stay calm and be patient; eventually, you will be able to give them the treatment they need!

Spoil Your Pet Every Now and Then

We all spoil pets as a way to show our love and affection for our furry friends. At the same time, you may be worried that indulging them may exacerbate their health conditions. However, there is nothing wrong with spoiling your pet every now and again, as long as you ensure it's not contributing negatively to their health. For example, Hills Pet suggests giving your pet healthy treats meant specifically for pets instead of giving them table scraps which can lead to obesity. Next, new toys and beds will always be a fun treat for your pet. Don't forget to give your pet plenty of playtime, too - not only is exercise great for them, but those extra few minutes of exercise will make your pet feel especially loved. Supplement with plenty of attention and cuddles, and you'll be good to go!

Self-Care Is Important Too

When caring for your pet, don't forget the importance of showing up for yourself too! National Geographic reports that animals are very empathetic to human feelings and emotions. So if you've been stressed about work, your pet will feel it too. Taking charge of your self-care and stress management will be critical to give your pet the best life possible by limiting stress's negative effects. How can you do this? An excellent place to start is to arrange to work from home a couple of times a week, as this will ease up commute times and let you watch over your pet. If that's not possible, having a pet sitter stop by occasionally can help ease some of the responsibilities on your plate. 

Once you've figured out the best way to care for your pet, the aging process will begin to ease up. This is because your pet will have all the resources, care, and support they need to be healthy and deal with any underlying issues. All you'll need to do is show up for your pet - they will need your support now more than ever.

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Article By: Robin Meade

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