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Paw Prints Newsletter Archives

One of the benefits of becoming a MaxFund member is receiving the MaxFund newsletter each month. On this page you can see archived editions of the newsletter. To receive current editions, please become a member.  Or if you want to stay in touch with us, subscribe to the MaxFund Messenger for free from the form at the bottom right of this page.

Enjoy reading the stories of animals finding new homes and families. Learn about the many ways MaxFund has rescued and assisted in the medical treatment of injured animals with no known owners.

Paw-Prints, published monthly by MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, touches the heart and informs the mind.

You’ll find:

  • seasonal tips for animal care
  • news about MaxFund events
  • the latest photos of available dogs and cats
  • letters from our many readers and pet owners
  • lists of contributors and new members
  • pet memorials
  • special offers
  • the MaxFund service directory