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Oppose HB 21-1160

Help us oppose HB 21-1160 by submitting written testimony to the senate committee. 

Here’s the link to the site to submit testimony:
Once there, click “Submit Written Testimony.”

You will be asked a few questions to ensure your testimony goes to the correct committee. Choose the option to sort “By Sponsor and Bill”, and select the following:

Sponsor: Duran
Meeting Time: 04/22/2021 at 1:30pm
Hearing Item: Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources HB21-1160

You’ll then be asked to fill in your information.

Important: When it asks you for your “Position on the Hearing Item”, select AGAINST.

You can then copy/paste your written testimony into the testimony field, or upload your testimony document.  

Finally, hit “Sign up” to submit your testimony.

Thank you for submitting your testimony on behalf of MaxFund Animal Adoption Center and over 70 other organizations opposing HB21-1160. 

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