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Sweet little Darby entered our lives via the MaxFund adoption van in October of 2020.

We were instantly besotted by the sweet little dog who greeted passersby with the gentle expression and polite demeanor that belies an old soul. And as it turned out, Darby's soul wasn't the only old part of her.

Upon inquiry, we learned that Darby was estimated to be 13 years old. She arrived at MaxFund without any known history and a painful mouth riddled with neglected teeth. After a proper grooming and a visit from the veterinary tooth fairy for extractions, Darby found herself officially on the adoption floor of the MaxFund.

Where she waited patiently. And waited. Six months passed, and though there was a flurry of adoptions during the pandemic, no one showed any interest in Darby. 

Senior dogs are often overlooked, and in Darby's case, we liked to imagine it was because her destiny lay with us. We agreed to foster her upon meeting her that day in October, and it instantly was clear that she was to be a permanent member of the family. She is gentle and soft and affectionate – truly the perfect dog. We “foster failed” with glee, and have never looked back.

Spoiling Darby has become one of our great joys. Whatever her story before us, the one since has been filled with the love and affection she dearly deserves. 

Tim and Sandi V.
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