Adventures with Max - Civic Center Park 6/8/19

Our previous weekend adventure to Civic Center Park revealed a new delight for Max - the main fountain was open and Max had a blast frolicking in the water! Max also met up with two friends Sandy and Al, and met a new friend, who was not discouraged by the standard warning that Max can be unpredictable, and who walked right up and patted Max on the head and then gave him a full back massage. 

Today's adventure at Civic Center Park started out on a downer note when we discovered that the fountain had been cordoned off with metal fencing. Max could not believe it and was not satisfied that he couldn't play in the fountain until we had walked all around the fountain. Perhaps the city had reviewed the videos and determined that Max just had too much fun last weekend. Bummer anyway!!! 

Things then started to look up for Max, as we ran into Sandy and then Al, two of his favorite friends at the park. Both Sandy and Al had seen Max in the park and came over to say hi and give him some love - which he returned. Then Max revealed a side of himself previously unknown to me - that of a political/social activist - when he chose to participate in a rally for justice, freedom, and peace in Sudan.

And then on our way out of the park Max met three new friends, Danielle, Bill, and Randal. Danielle immediately fell in love with Max, and apparently Max was smitten by her too! After describing what Maxfund does, where it is located, and what kinds of dogs live there we said goodbye and headed for home. Please see videos and photos. 

It was another wonderful outing with no aggression towards person or animal (except squirrels). As always, when away from the shelter he is a very good and friendly dog. 
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