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Cheerio’s Happy Story

“Her story starts when Cheerio was dropped off at MaxFund when she was a puppy. She had two rare medical conditions that required extensive surgeries and ongoing laser treatments. I began fostering her when she was recovering from her third surgery. 

“I could never afford the expense that included surgeries, treatments and medication. Thankfully, MaxFund took care of all that. The only expectation of me was that I give her lots of love, administer her medication and bring her to her appointments. I am happy to report that Cheerio is thriving! 

“Cheerio was available for adoption after she was examined by the surgeon, and we jumped at the chance. The adoption process was very easy and MaxFund treated us like family, encouraging us to keep in touch and share pictures. 

“Now Cheerio is finally able to be a puppy. She has lots of energy and loves to play (all day, if I could keep up with her)!  She is happy and healthy and active. I am so grateful to MaxFund for all of their support during the fostering and adoption process.”

- Chris-anne G.