Adventures with Max - Max Meets a Max!

On Saturday Max met some neighbors who live further south on Galapagos St. Max and a very nice dog were touching noses through the fence when the dog's pack-leaders called to him, calling him Max. I asked if they were calling to their dog and whether the dog's name was Max. They said yes and I told them the dog I was walking was also named Max - who lived at MaxFund. They said that their Max was also a MaxFund alum, that they rescued him about twelve years ago. They said their dog's MaxFund name was Ziggy. Perhaps some of you old timers remember him? It was a nice visit with another pup from the hood! 

On Sunday Max and I went downtown to Civic Center Park, hoping to visit with some of Max's human friends who often hang out there on weekends. Sadly, we were a little later than usual and Max's friends were not there. However, we had a great walk and made a few new acquaintances, both of the two and four-legged variety. We also stopped outside the Denver Art Museum to listen to an early Cinco de Mayo outdoor concert.

Also, please see photos of Max showing off his well-appointed kennel - design by Sergio! 

Max is of course a pretty well-traveled and inquisitive pup!

His friend, 

Pat McGhee
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