Training Classes for Current Volunteers

The following classes are open to MaxFund volunteers who have already been accepted as volunteers and have gone through the volunteer orientation process, including receiving their photo volunteer badge; MaxFund foster families; and MaxFund staff. Training beyond orientation is optional, but volunteers of all experience levels are encouraged to attend!

Creating Homes for Agreeably Mannered Pups
Training Program

The CHAMPS training program is open to all current MaxFund volunteers, fosters and staff. This program is designed to give you the information and tools needed to work with shelter/foster dogs to bertter understand them, handle them effectively, and not only increase their quality of life, but make them more adoptable, using positive reinforcement-based training methods.

Each CHAMPS participant must undergo the CHAMPS orientation before taking other handling and basic manners classes. All MaxFund volunteers must also undergo the volunteer orientation before participating. Please check prerequisites for all classes to ensure you’ve met them before registering, as some classes will have other prerequisites in addition to the CHAMPS orientation session.

Participants are also highly encouraged to join the Facebook group, Colorado 4-1-Woof, where all class materials will be uploaded for FREE download to all group members. Other great resources and discussions will also take place in the group